Races and Classes

Almost all the published races can be used by the PC’s though due to the history of this campaign, there are some differences. Most of the differences are only in the racial fluff, but some races do have traditional restrictions on their class choices. In most cases the PC’s can ignore these restrictions, but would have to explain why their character has
ignored them.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the divine power source was on hiatus in the Cordeia for thousands of years. The primal power source never existed in the “Sy’Lum”.

Characters need not only choose their race, but their heritage as well. Are they descended from the Sy’Lum colonists or from the tribal Abandoned?

As well, there are those races who fall under neither of those two banners.

Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings play exactly as written in the handbooks. There are both Colonist (Sy’Lum) and Abandoned lines of each.

Eladrin are not natives of the Summer Land (feywild). They have a blood affinity for it, but Sy’Lum had no connection to the Summer Land. Recent generations have had to rediscover forgotten abilities.

Half-elves were the result of two of the Gods trying to reverse the ancient curse that split off the races of man in the first place. The creation of their race opened the door for the Shadowlords to create Half-Orcs in reply. All Half-elves originate from Sy’Lum Stock.

Half-Orcs are also all of Sy’Lum stock. Those PCs who are half-orc descended from members of their race that rejected the Shadowlords. They are still viewed with a degree of dislike. Their creation opened the door for souls to be incarnated into the monster races.

Shifters never existed in the Sy’Lum. Their origins are primal, and most of them strongly prefer primal classes to divine classes to this day.

Gnomes also are not natives of the Summer Land. Like Eladrin though, they do have that plane in their blood, and are drawn to that place.

Dark Elves were said to have been created by Scorpus and thus they are viewed as being tainted by shadow even though they aren’t necessarily. They have a special secret history that most have forgotten. There were a few of that race among the Abandoned, but the majority are of the old world.

Dragonborn were never on Sy’Lum. They are not considered one of the races of man. Their lands are across the sea on the new world. PC dragonborn are visitors to this coast.

Tieflings, like Dragonborn, were also never on Sy’Lum. Much like the Abandoned survived the ancient cataclysm by the protection of the White Lady, the Tiefling race survived by making pacts with Diabolic powers. Traditionally they access neither the Divine nor the Primal power classes, but as always PC’s can be the exception.

Devas were never in Sy’Lum. However, these rare beings have always had access to the Elder gods and so never lost the Divine traditions, and are comfortable with both the Divine and the Primal.

Goliaths never existed in the Syl’Lum. They are not technically considered one of the “races of man”, but have been adopted as such among the Abandoned. All NPC Goliaths resist divine beliefs and training, and prefer primal classes above all others.

Warforged – technically there are no “warforged”. However, sometimes the White Lady chooses to incarnate special souls within artificial constructs – sort of like living golems. PC “warforged” are extremely rare and require careful cooperation with the DM on character background.

Shadar-kai – As Devas were once immortal servitors of Gaeanna forced to become mortal, Shadar-kai were once angels of the Dark Sister, now forced into a mortal existance as well. They are confined to the Winterfell in much the same way Devas are confined to Cordeia, and in this campaign they will share some of the Deva curse of being reborn without the same access to past memory. However, this new origin sits will with why they are cruel and jaded as a people, and their tattoos and body ornaments serve much the same purpose of the ones Devas have.

Kalashtar – This race has also been refluffed for this campaign. They now are the Summerland version of Devas and Shadar-Kai – the now mortal former angels of the Summer Queen. They have a much less tortured existance than their other mortal cousins, but their mental bliss is bought in part by a willing amnesia that can sometimes verge into madness – as they have made themselves forget their immortal origins.

Revenants – A creation of the Dark Sister. When a mortal dies who, from some action, now has his soul beholden to her, she reshapes his body and spirit into this new dark form to serve her. However PC revenants have proven to be so strong-willed that they’ve rebelled and pulled away from her service and control to escape the Winterfell.

Other published races – again, PC’s are free to aspire to play other published races, but only if they work with the DM on their backgrounds, and reason for being in the world and choosing to adventure. My intent is not to say no to reasonable player choices, but players must respect the campaign background as well.

Races and Classes

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