Cosmetology Primer

The world has several orders of Deities and other powers.

First there were the six Elder Gods.

Solanus, Astara, Lunira, and Gaeana gave rise to the Gods of
Man. (The oldest mortal races are called “races of Man”. It’s not a term restricted solely to humans. All four are generally considered to have been destroyed at some time in the very distant past but their names are remembered in the days of the week.

Bahamut and Tiamat rule over the race of Dragons. There are
no other dragon true gods. They are believed to still exist, but are so far removed from the affairs of the world that they are only worshipped by the strange race known as the Dragonborn.

The Elder Gods of Man gave birth to the Twelve Gods that are
worshipped today.

They are:


Scorpus, Saggia, Caprus, and Aquirna are the “offspring” of Astara.

Piscana, Aranu, Taren, and Gemen are the “offspring” of Lunira.

Khansra, Leohr, Virgah, and Libru are the “offspring” of Gaeana.

The tribes that worship the primal powers of the world speak of three “Goddesses” they know as The White Lady, The Summer Queen, and TheDark Sister. Recently, it has been suspected that these may be new names for the Elder Goddesses of old.

As well, over the ages, numerous Ascendants have risen and fallen. Ascendants are mortal creatures with old souls who achieve their epic destinies and go on to serve the Gods, becoming almost god-like themselves. Which Ascendants are worshipped, and by whom, tends to change relatively frequently,and a list of current Ascendants will follow later.

The Primordials are beings of Chaos who correspond in power to the Elder Gods. Only the fact that they do not work together allowed the Gods to stand against them. Few if any are active in the world today, though some may yet be worshipped by hidden cults.

During the Second Age, a well-intentioned accident gave rise to the Shadowlords – the dark reflections of eleven of the Twelve. Only Scorpus avoided having his persona split.

The Shadowlords (and the Gods they were torn from) are:

Anaksi (Piscana)
Griv (Virgah)
Nara (Aranu)
Urbila (Libru)
Nerratu (Tarren)
I’Mene (Gemen)
Aieggo (Saggia)
Arsnak (Khansra)
Sur’pak (Caprus)
Rhoela (Leohr)
N’Riuk (Aquirna)

Finally, there are Angels, Devils, and Demons.

Angels were servants of the elder gods. A large number of the original angels fell, in one way or another. Some were confined to the mortal world as Devas. Others became Devils.

A new generation of lesser angels have gone on to serve the Twelve. Some of these in turn have fallen to become servants of the Shadowlords.

Finally, Demons are elementals that have been corrupted by the forces of the Devourer. These Elementals were on the same order of power as the greater angels, and so many greater Demons
have evolved to have a nearly godlike (or Shadowlord-like) status themselves.

Cosmetology Primer

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