The Gods named (renamed?) the world Cordeia after Gaeana was injured in the first wars against the Elements and the Abyss. The intention is that the planet has become the new heart of the Elder Goddess.

The injury Gaeana took was a grave one. Her heart was shattered. A God/Goddess’s heart is the nexus of their power. She was joined with the world by the other gods in a desperate attempt to keep her from passing entirely from existance. The world had at its core enough fo the same mystical element the Gods needed to exist and reproduce that it was hoped it would keep her being intact in case the Gods could come up with a better solution.

What they didn’t realize is that Gaeana would so completely fuse with the planet, that should would gather to her the spirits of the places and creatures of the world, and some how give rise to what is now known as the primal power source. Her first action, even before she could manifest herself again was to resist her sister’s attempt to tear the world apart and turn it into a rift to the realm of the Ancients.


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